How Does Alcohol Rehab in Ohio Work?

Deciding to get drug or alcohol addiction treatment is the beginning of your journey toward a healthier and happier life. When considering treatment, you likely wonder what you can expect during your stay at a rehab center and how rehab centers in Ohio work. The following overview will give you a basic idea of what to expect from your stay in an alcohol rehabilitation center and an outline of some of the benefits you can expect to receive.

A Structured Place for Recovery and Healing

Residential inpatient alcohol rehabilitation centers are structured, organized centers that focus on providing therapies and skills needed to help you recover from alcohol dependence. The structured nature of rehab minimizes uncertainty and stress for residents. It creates a safe and supportive environment conducive to recovery and healing. Depending on the Ohio alcohol abuse rehab program you join, the amenities and daily activities you enjoy will vary.

An Early Healthy Start to the Day

Most alcohol rehab programs in Ohio stress the importance of starting early in the day and enjoying a healthy breakfast. Some programs will offer classes in the morning for meditation, yoga, or some form of spiritual program to help you begin your day relaxed and in the proper frame of mind. A crucial part of recovery is creating new healthy habits. The goal is that these new habits, such as waking up early and eating a healthy breakfast, become part of your routine in post-discharge life. After breakfast, there are typically group sessions led by therapists or counselors.

These focus on topics connected to your healing process. It could include a 12-step program, therapy to help clarify the issues that led you to alcohol abuse, and therapies to help you develop the skills to interact with people in stressful situations without relying on alcohol. The meetings during the morning are in a therapeutic, safe environment. The goal is to help you identify patterns of behavior that you need to change and triggers to avoid or react well to post-therapy.

An Active Afternoon and Healthy Lunch

You will have the most intense treatment during the middle of the day. The afternoon starts with a healthy lunch to give you the nutrition needed for physical and mental clarity. Typically, this is followed by an intense series of therapeutic sessions.

These could include:

  • Individual behavioral therapy to help identify negative behavior responses and triggers
  • Group therapy that allows for the sharing of personal stories conducive to emotional healing
  • Specialized sessions to address stress management, anger management, or brief counseling
  • Family therapy to address issues and feelings within the family that can affect the long-term success of a person after completing an alcohol abuse program

At times, guest speakers are invited to tell their stories and help residents feel a sense of hope about their future. Guests may offer practical information, like how to rebuild your career after treatment. Some centers include additional therapies, including music, art, biofeedback, exercise, and equine therapies.

Personal Time for Thoughts and Meditation

Every day, you will have a couple of hours in the afternoon that you can use how you please. Most facilities will have swimming pools, sports areas, and areas conducive to reading, prayer, or meditation.

Conclude the Day with a Healthy Dinner and Productive Rest

After a full day of therapy and activities, you will need a hearty dinner to help you recoup your strength and get a good night\’s rest. Some alcohol rehab centers offer 12-step programs in the evening, giving clients a good, safe, anonymous environment to discuss their concerns. Residents are encouraged to sleep at a reasonable hour. Many alcohol recovery programs have a 10:00 PM lights-out time. If you get enough sleep, the goal is to be alert and have the energy to participate fully in the next day\’s treatment.

Help Is Available in Ohio

If you or someone you love is struggling to break free from the grips of alcohol addiction, it\’s comforting to know that you are not alone. Do you want to learn more about alcohol rehabilitation centers in Ohio? If so, we would love to be a source of information for you. Contact us today at 833-820-2922 to learn more.

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