How Do I Travel To Drug Or Alcohol Treatment In A Different State?

Everyone has their preferred type of transportation for traveling. Whether you are the type to relax as a plane soars through the air or prefer to feel the wheels of a bus rolling on the ground, you’ve likely planned a few trips with your preferences in mind. Going to an out-of-state drug treatment program may offer you benefits that you can’t get at home such as receiving intensive treatment for your underlying mental health conditions. Or, you may just need a change of pace to help you get motivated to stay at a treatment center. In either case, you’ll first need to figure out how you can travel to drug or alcohol treatment in a different state. Depending upon your situation, you’ll likely have multiple options. Exploring the benefits of drawbacks of each one along with how they impact your sobriety helps you start making your plans for heading out for your life changing journey.

There are several questions that you’ll want to ask yourself to get started on picking out your best transportation option. Work through this list to start understanding how your transportation choice could affect how you start your sobriety.

  • Are you traveling across multiple states?
  • Are you afraid of flying or of other forms of transportation?
  • Might you be tempted to use drugs or alcohol on the road?
  • Do you have a companion who can come with you?
  • Will you be staying in your new state after rehab and want to bring your car?
  • Is the cost of a plane or bus ticket a concern? What about paying for gas?
  • Is your car in good enough condition to make the trip

As you can see, there are a lot of different factors that impact which type of transportation method is best for your situation. Some people prefer to drive for more than a day if it means that they don’t have to get on a plane. Others would prefer to get to rehab as soon as possible to avoid falling into temptation as they pass bars or known places where they could buy drugs. Some people may worry about paying for gas or a plane ticket. If this is the case, then talking to the rehab could help. Some rehab centers offer assistance with transportation or may be able to make suggestions about making the trip more affordable.

Get Help Determining Your Best Transportation Option

When you first enroll in a drug treatment program, you get the opportunity to talk to the people there to find out what they recommend. In most cases, flying is likely your best option. Planes simply travel faster than other forms of transportation, and you could be in Ohio within a few short hours. This is also your best option if you need to travel clear across the country since it can prevent you from having to wait days to start treatment like you would on a road trip.

If you live fairly close to the state, then you might choose to drive or ride a bus. Ideally, you’ll choose a direct route that doesn’t allow for you to spend much time in situations where you might be tempted to turn your car around or pick up some drugs. Some people prefer to embark upon their trip with a trusted companion by their side who will help them stay accountable. Your traveling companion could be a spouse, roommate or best friend. It could also be a sober mentor or counselor. The only real stipulation is that they are someone that you trust to stay sober and help you work through any temptations or doubts that arise as you drive.

You’ll also want to consider the severity of your addiction. If you are at risk of having an overdose, then flying may be your best bet to get into treatment as soon as possible. Meanwhile, someone who is dealing with a relapse might also choose to fly out to the treatment center to prevent things from getting worse. Someone with a mild addiction may feel comfortable spending the extra time driving to fully think through all of their reasons for seeking treatment. There really is no right or wrong way to get to rehab as long as you make it there.

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