How Can You Learn to Reach Out for Recovery Support Instead of Taking Everything On Alone?

Are you struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction and have never felt so alone? We understand where you are coming from. It’s important to reach out to others when you are dealing with an addiction, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process. You may be used to dealing with everything on your own, especially if you grew up that way. Plus, drug addiction can be an embarrassing subject to bring up.

We can help. We know what you need and how to provide it. We also know how hard it can be to ask for help, even when you desperately need it. How can you learn to reach out for recovery support instead of taking everything on alone? Read on to learn the answer.

Why you may be hiding your addiction

Addiction is often a taboo subject in families, especially if it happens to run in one. You may have also been taught at a young age to deal with problems and struggles on your own. You might be reluctant to seek help, especially from strangers, concerning your drug or alcohol abuse. It might be easier to simply hide the fact that you need help instead of admitting your weaknesses. When you are used to taking things on alone, it can be a hard habit to break.

You have to remember that you are not alone. Addiction is now classified as a disease, such as diabetes or cancer. It is crucial that you reach out for help, especially if you need to go through detox to get better.

Reach out to family

There is a good chance that your family is already aware of your addiction, no matter how hard you have tried to hide it. They may have already confronted you about it, as well. If they are willing to help you, take it. You should be able to sit down with your immediate family and discuss what you need. No, it won’t be easy, but it is the first step to getting the help your mind and body secretly crave. Your family will not want you to deal with your struggles alone. They will likely help you in any way possible.

Discuss your situation with your friends

Your friends love and care about you. They only want the best for you, and they may also realize that you are struggling with an addiction. Friends are there to lean on one another when things get tough, and your situation is no exception. Tell them you need a support system around as you head into recovery. If they are good friends, they will understand and do everything they can to support you during this difficult time.

Talk to your co-workers if you can

Talking to your co-workers may be tougher when it comes to addiction. Only you can make a judgement call when it comes to it. If you have supportive co-workers and an understanding boss, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help. If you are planning to go to rehab, you will have to let your boss know your plans. Having everything out in the open will squelch any rumors, and you will likely have the support of people who care about you.

Get in touch with a reliable rehab

The next step after admitting that there is a problem is to find a rehab you can trust. You don’t want to take on detox alone, especially if you have been using drugs or alcohol for years. The withdrawal symptoms you are facing may be severe, so you want to be in a place where you can be medically supervised. The doctors in rehab will make sure that you are given the help that you need to get through the worst of your withdrawals.

Again, reach out to the counselors and therapists who simply want to help you. Take the time to learn why you are using, how you can avoid the triggers you will face, and what to do if you do come across them. Your therapist is there to be a support person while you learn how to live in recovery, so use them to your advantage! You’ll soon find that is a great feeling to be able to rely on another person for support.

Let our facilities help

Now is the time to take on detox and rehab. Our facility welcomes you with open arms! To learn more about what we offer, give us a call at 833-820-2922. We know it’s hard, but we also know we can help.