How Can I Receive Outpatient Drug Treatment Without Losing My Job?

Seeking an outpatient drug treatment program is a way to take control of any substance abuse addiction you are facing and want to eliminate from your life. Whether you have become addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, or even illicit street drugs, it is important to seek help from some form of a treatment program. Once you have determined that an outpatient drug treatment program is right for you, it is important to know how to keep your job before choosing a path that is right for you.

Types of Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug treatment programs are often available with traditional inpatient rehabilitation centers and facilities. The biggest difference between an inpatient treatment facility and outpatient drug treatment program is that individuals are not required to live within an outpatient program location or building. Individuals enrolled in an inpatient facility must remain there throughout the duration of the program they have opted into voluntarily or by law.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatments

Choosing an outpatient treatment program over an inpatient treatment program allows you to maintain your current status of employment while also utilizing resources available for those struggling with addiction. Most outpatient programs are available throughout all cities and are free to those in need. While not all outpatient programs are free, there are many cities or state-funded programs available for those who are currently living below the poverty line. Some of the most common types of outpatient treatment programs available for individuals who are struggling with overcoming an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or even illicit street drugs include:

  • Sponsor Groups and Meetings: Sponsor groups are one of the most popular types of outpatient drug treatments. Sponsor groups and meetings are optimal for those who are in need of guidance and assistance while remaining sober once they have decided to return to work and living life as normal. With a sponsor available 24/7, an individual is must less likely to give in to temptation and to go back to using drugs, alcohol,l or even prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) medications.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy sessions are beneficial for all involved. Learn how to communicate better with others who have varying experiences that somewhat mimic or mirror your own when it comes to your addiction. Ask questions to learn more about how others dealt with their addictions while sharing your own story. Open up about the challenges and obstacles you face and struggle with each day as you attempt to maintain your sobriety.
  • Individual Counseling Appointments: Attend individual counseling appointments with an addiction specialist, counselor, or even a professional psychiatrist. Working together with a professional who specializes in addiction is a great way to uncover the root cause of your addiction while taking more control of your life again. Learn how to cope with your impulsivity and your addiction triggers to minimize the risk of becoming addicted to substances ever again.

Protecting Your Job While Attending an Outpatient Treatment Program

Knowing how to protect your job while you are enrolled in an outpatient drug treatment program is a way to gain peace of mind while minimizing stress at all times. When you have the ability to feel secure in your current position while attending an outpatient treatment program, it is much easier to focus on getting healthier and ridding the drug or substance abuse habit from your life altogether. If you are currently employed full-time and you have been working in your position for longer than six months to a year, consider speaking to your manager, superior, or boss directly if you are in need of an outpatient drug treatment program. Speaking to your boss directly is a way to learn more about your options and whether or not it is possible to enroll in an intensive outpatient program if necessary.

Research the laws in your state to determine whether or not you are currently protected under the ADCA, or the American Disability Care Act if you require outpatient drug treatment that may result in you missing work at times. Are you looking for an outpatient program that will assist in ensuring you retain your job if you are required to miss work? Are you searching for outpatient drug treatment programs that do not interfere with your current work schedule? Our counselors are available 24/7 and are available right now to take your call. Give us a ring today at 800-411-8019 to discover how our outpatient programs can help you without causing you to lose your stability in everyday life.