Does Rehab Work for Drug Addicts?

Drug addiction sometimes feels impossible to overcome. Families often hear about other people’s struggles with addiction that include multiple relapses that only seem to add pain to their relationships. While it is frustrating to know that some people require multiple attempts to get sober, it does help to know that there is hope. Trying to stop using drugs with sheer willpower alone is often fraught with challenges that cause someone to return to their habits.

This is because people get addicted to drugs for deeper reasons than simply enjoying their lifestyle. The truth is that no one wants to develop an addiction. Instead, your loved one is using drugs to deal with other underlying issues that influence their behavior. They may even be unaware of the things that drive them to continue to use drugs. The answer to whether or not rehab works for drug addicts is that it absolutely does. Understanding how going to rehab helps with addiction recovery makes it easier for you to continue to believe in your loved one’s ability to get sober.

Drug addicts often need their loved ones to step in and make it clear that they need to get help. Although your loved one may know that they need to stop using drugs, they may be so immersed in their lifestyle that they think it doesn’t matter. Many drug addicts struggle with low self-esteem and mental health disorders such as PTSD and depression that cloud their thinking. Unfortunately, doing drugs only makes the problem worse since your loved one is not capable of making rational decisions when they are under the influence of substances such as opiates.

There are also physical concerns that drug addicts must prepare for when they try to get sober. Many drugs cause the body to develop a physical dependency that leads to serious withdrawal symptoms when they try to get sober. People who try to quit on their own often find that these symptoms cause them to return to their drug habit to feel better, and this is often why you hear about people getting stuck in an endless cycle of trying to get sober.

Find a Wealth of Professional Services That Support Recovery in Rehab

A drug rehab is the one place where addicts can go to receive multiple forms of support that all come from people who are passionate about helping others get sober. For many addicts, walking into a rehab center is the first time that they can relax in a long time. In a rehab, your loved one no longer has to worry about facing judgment for telling the truth about their addiction. Instead, their fears and frustrations are met with empathy by the treatment team. Rehabs are also the safest place that a person can go to escape from temptation since drugs and alcohol are not allowed within the center. During the intake process, your loved one will undergo a series of exams and assessments that are designed to identify their true needs.

Everyone has different reasons for using drugs along with varying responses to specific forms of treatments. This early intake process is effective at helping to figure out which services benefit your loved one the most. Drug rehabs offer a range of services that work for drug addicts, and your loved one’s treatment may include one or several of the following types of care.

  • Inpatient treatment (they stay overnight at the rehab for multiple days or weeks)
  • Outpatient counseling (they go to rehab during the day and return home at night) *Family therapy
  • Assistance with detox and withdrawal symptoms
  • Recreational therapy (may include yoga, sports, art and music)
  • Career and financial counseling

The treatment team in a drug rehab provides services that are designed to rebuild your loved one’s mind and body. They may talk about their past in counseling or discuss ways to prepare for a better future in sobriety. Group and individual therapy each play significant roles in helping to make sobriety stick. Your loved one will meet other people who are facing similar struggles so that they no longer feel so alone.

They can also look forward to discovering new and healthier ways to spend their time when they feel lonely, bored or upset. Targeting all of the areas that impact your loved one’s drug addiction is met with a high rate of success that can help you and your loved one will confident about the program working. Are you tired of watching your loved one continue the endless cycle of addiction? Give us a call today at 833-820-2922, and we’ll help you find a drug rehab program that works!