Can You Get Kicked Out of Treatment Centers for Alcohol Addiction?

Treatment facilities serve to help clients overcome their substance use disorders. In order to create an environment that is conducive to overcoming addiction, rehab centers have certain rules in place that dictate what clients can and can’t do. Anyone that violates these rules may find themselves kicked out of their treatment program.

Rehab facilities accept clients that are ready and willing to overcome their substance use disorders. However, clients that prove time and time again they aren’t willing to comply with the rules of rehab may be kicked out.

Can Treatment Centers Kick Clients Out?

Clients that are being treated for alcohol addiction at a treatment facility must comply with the policies of the treatment facility at all times. Though each rehab center may have its own rules, the single most important rule is that all clients comply with remaining sober throughout their time at rehab. Anyone that fails to adhere to these rules may be kicked out of the facility.

The sober environment rule exists in rehab facilities to guarantee that every client is able to overcome their addictions without being tempted by the presence of alcohol or another substance. In addition to refraining from bringing in any substances like drugs or alcohol to the rehab facility, it’s also important for clients to adhere to the rest of the rules of rehab.

The Rules of Rehab

Every rehab has its own set of rules, but most treatment facilities promote the same type of boundaries amongst their clients. Consider the following rules of most rehab centers:

  • Complete Abstinence from all Substances While this rule may seem easy to understand, many clients that are just starting rehab may not fully understand what complete abstinence looks like. When you arrive at a rehab facility, your belongings will be searched to ensure that you don’t have any type of substance in your bags. These substances include everything from prescription medications to listerine. Any item that contains traces of drugs or alcohol will be confiscated.
  • No Computers or Cell Phones Rehab facilities typically ban electronics like phones and computers to guarantee that clients have no distractions on their journey to sobriety. Additionally, banning these devices makes it easier for these facilities to limit clients’ interaction with the outside world. This way, clients can’t make any calls to their friends or family members to ask for alcohol or drugs. Similarly, most rehab facilities have strict privacy policies. With a ban on all electronic devices, rehab facilities are better able to protect clients’ identities.
  • No Relationships While in Rehab Though clients are encouraged to bond with one another while in rehab, these facilities ban clients from forming romantic relationships with one another. During your time in rehab, it’s important to focus on overcoming addiction and finding sobriety.

    Forming a romantic relationship at this time will be a distraction and may even take the place of a former addiction in your life. At this time, put all your energy into your continued recovery while you focus on making lifelong platonic connections with others in recovery.

  • Attendance at Every Session Routine is an important part of recovery. Rehab facilities expect clients to attend every session of therapy, group counseling, and any extracurricular activity that’s part of the program. Even though clients may not feel like participating in the sessions at first, over time, being an active part of these activities will feel like second nature.
  • Restrictions on Where to Go Clients that are in inpatient treatment programs must remain on the premises of the treatment facility at all times. While this will take some time to get used to, this is the best way for clients to achieve their goal of sobriety.

The Benefit of Boundaries

The rules of a rehab center may seem overwhelming at first, but they are there as a way to give each client the structure and balance they need to adopt new habits as they overcome their dependence on substances. The rules of a rehab facility are designed to minimize the number of distractions that clients face. This way, every client will be able to follow a strict routine that guarantees they get the treatment they need and are able to overcome any moments of temptation.

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