Can I go to a residential drug treatment program if I'm not clean yet?

You’re tired of fighting with the source of your addiction. It keeps drawing you back no matter how many times you try to say no. You like how it makes you feel when you are using it. As soon as the effects wear off, you don’t like who you have become. You will do anything to get more. You’ve hurt people you care about. You have put your job at risk as you let your employer and co-workers down. You are your biggest disappointment. You’ve hit rock bottom.

You know the only way out of this situation is to find a treatment plan. The main question you have is can I go to a residential drug treatment program if I’m not clean yet? Drug treatment plans are not intended for people who are clean and sober. They have been created for people like you who need to break free from their addictions. They offer you many benefits you could not achieve on your own, including:

  • A comfortable, welcoming environment
  • Trained professionals who can help you
  • Time to receive therapy and support while you recover

You’ll have someone to hold your hand, give you a shoulder you can lean on, and a listening ear when you are ready to pour your heart out.

Residential Drug Treatment Helps You to Get Clean Safely

Trying to get clean on your own puts you at risk. You will undergo the traumatic effects of withdrawal without any support. Withdrawal can make you feel so ill and on edge that you return to your addiction. Overcoming withdrawal on your own often leads to overdose. A residential drug treatment program offers you a safe alternative. You will enter a facility that offers you a safe place while you undergo treatment. Staff members will provide you with nourishment and care during detox. You will not have access to substance abuse or the negative influences that led to your addiction in the first place.

Your treatment facility is going to give you resources and support when you need it most. A residential drug treatment program is more than a hospital that focuses on short term stays for a wide range of health conditions. Your drug rehab counselors focus on treating addiction. The medical experts at your facility will begin by learning as much as they can about you.

They’ll get an understanding of your addiction, how severe it is, how long you have been turning to substance abuse, and why you became a victim of abuse. The next step will be to help you to become sober. Once you’ve become sober, they’ll offer you counseling services that will help you to remain sober once you leave. Staying sober will take time.

You may be in your program for anywhere from 21 days to 90 days. Your financial situation, your insurance program, and your condition will determine how long you need to stay. During your time in your treatment program, you will need to work closely with a therapist. Your sessions will dig deeply into your past to help you understand how you got where you are today. You may have been more prone to addiction because substance abuse was a part of your heredity.

Stress, anxiety, or other emotional disorders could have forced you to seek comfort from addiction. Your counselor will help you to work through any of the issues that led you down the wrong path. The main goal will be to help you to find healthy alternatives to addiction. When you leave your treatment, you will be given a road map to continue clean living.

Support group sessions, a mentor you can reach at any time, and counseling on an outpatient basis offer you a safety net any time you fall. Don’t wait any longer to get help for your addiction. We want to help you to find a residential drug treatment program now. We are here to connect you with specialists who will help you to learn what it is to be clean again. Call us at 833-820-2922 to begin your recovery. We know the people who can give you the tools. It’s time to take back your life.