Can I Get Drug Abuse Treatment if I\’m on a Retirement Budget?

Struggles with drug abuse can happen at any stage of life. When you have reached retirement or have been in retirement for some time, you may find yourself combatting an addiction. Numerous concerns can arise, some of which may relate to money. In other words, you may wonder how you can afford drug abuse treatment on a retirement budget. What\’s most important is that you do not give up. Look into the multiple options that exist.

Factors to Consider

You might immediately assume that you cannot afford drug abuse treatment due to your retirement budget. Fortunately, multiple possibilities exist. While you may need to conduct some research and speak with professionals, you\’ll see that the effort is worth it. Considering the following possibilities can get you started:

  • Price out treatment
  • Look into assistance programs
  • Consider part-time work
  • Review your insurance policy
  • Procure a loan
  • Ask about payment plans
  • Talk to a representative.

Each of these strategies has the potential to lead you to success.

Price out Treatment

Part of the problem right now is that you might just be guessing at the cost of treatment. Before you can determine whether or not the treatment is affordable for your budget, you have to find out what the costs are. Schedule an appointment to sit down with a representative from the facility to learn what the reality is when it comes to cost. You may find that you can afford the treatment.

Look into Assistance Programs

If you learn that you cannot pay for the treatment out-of-pocket, you should look into assistance programs. The best place to start would be assistance programs that are specifically made for people of the retirement age. Depending upon your income level, you could also research programs that are made for individuals who have a low amount of income.

Consider Part-Time Work

Going back into the world of work is probably not something that you had considered. It\’s also possible that you detest the idea. However, think about how important going to treatment for drug abuse is. This consideration will likely make you realize that part-time work is worth it. Of course, if you are attending an inpatient treatment program, you may not have the ability to work. In the event that you are opting for outpatient treatment, look for part-time jobs. Put your earnings from that job directly into your treatment bills.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Having health insurance can potentially assist in your recovery efforts. Speak with a representative from your health insurance provider to learn exactly what is covered. Even when the insurance will not cover the full cost of the treatment, having a level of assistance can make the remaining bills less overwhelming and more affordable.

Procure a Loan

Taking out a loan is one way to cover the cost of your treatment. You could look into a loan from your bank or from one of the many lenders available online. When you are concerned about privacy, opting for an online application can allow you to obtain the necessary money in a private manner. While the lending entity will likely ask for the reason why you need the loan, it is not as though you need to have a face-to-face consultation with a person. Just make sure that you are capable of repaying the loan.

Enroll in a Payment Plan

When you have exhausted the other options, you might feel as though you want to give up. What you need to do is to speak with a representative at the treatment center because options for payment plans might be available. In other words, you may have the ability to pay your treatment off over a course of a number of months.

Speak to a Representative

If the thought of a payment plan doesn\’t work for you, speaking with a representative is still advisable. The facility may have options available for individuals who cannot afford the treatment. In the event that you don\’t ask what the possibilities are, you are simply not going to learn about them. You may pass over an opportunity for treatment that you could have procured. A retirement budget might feel limiting in several ways. However, you do not need to allow it to have such a negative effect on your drug abuse treatment. Call 800-411-8019 to learn about the payment possibilities.

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