Can Friends And Family Visit My While I’m In Rehab?

Effects of addiction are likely to spill over to the entire family. Often, addicted persons find themselves manipulating their relatives, lying, or stealing to hide or feed their addiction. These behaviors can ruin relationships and impact the entire family. That’s why many rehab facilities encourage relatives and friends to visit their loved ones during their stay at a rehab center.

How can Family Visits Speed up the Rehabilitation Journey?

Family visits can speed up the rehabilitation process. However, you may need to confirm visiting days with the rehab facility. Most rehab centers offer family therapy via telephone or in-person and allow family and friends to visit their loved ones on the weekends.

Deciding to go to a rehab center for drug or alcohol abuse can be a tough decision. You will likely have many questions about how long the recovery process will take, what you will be doing there, and how the journey will be. Some addicts are also concerned about their family and friends and may want to know if they can visit them.

Friends and family can visit their loved ones in rehab facilities, but the visitation rules may vary depending on the treatment program and the facility. Some inpatient rehab facilities allow specific family members, maybe your dad, mum, brothers, or sisters, to visit you on particular days.

In most rehab facilities, only immediate family members can visit their loved ones. However, some facilities allow patients to approve friends who may see them. It all depends on the rules of the treatment center and whether the person visiting you will influence you healthily or not. That aside, some rehab centers restrict addicts who have just started their treatment from having any visitors. You might have to wait until treatment starts working and withdrawal symptoms subside before a friend or relative can visit you.

Nonetheless, friends and family are welcome to participate in your recovery journey through phone and in-person therapy sessions. Experts say that this can help an addict overcome communication problems, anger, and codependency and build relationships outside the rehab center.

Rehab Visitation Policies

Rehab visitation policies vary across facilities. But, at least most facilities will allow close family members to visit you at some point during your stay. Family visits can help someone struggling with substance abuse establish a relationship with people outside the rehab center. However, an inpatient who has just begun his treatment journey may not be allowed to interact with friends or family until their withdrawal symptoms begin to subside. Restricted visits will enable an addict to focus more on their treatment journey and interact with peers in the rehab center. It may take a few days or weeks before friends and family can be allowed to visit you. Of course, we all want to know if our relatives will be allowed to visit us at a rehab center. Being connected to the outside could be the reason an addict stick to their treatment.

You may also want to check the coronavirus visitation policies being applied in each rehab center. In most facilities, visitors aren’t allowed to visit their loved ones, so the best option to reach out to your relative or friend in a rehab center is through a telephone therapy session. Some facilities have even introduced video conferencing to help patients have face-to-face meetings with their family and friends.

But whether you’re a recovering addict or a family or friend visiting your loved one in rehab, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do during your stay in a rehab center. First, you must respect everyone in the rehab center just as you respect the person you came to visit. Keep in mind that the rehab staff are there to help, and other addicts are there to get treated.

Another crucial thing to do during your rehab visit is to encourage the person in treatment and make them see how much they’re valued. Showing emotional support and encouraging addicts to continue their treatment will go a long way to speed up their recovery. At the same time, there are things you should avoid during your visit to a rehab facility. For example, never discuss the past life of an addict. Instead, focus on topics that offer them emotional support and hope that they will overcome their obstacles. Bringing alcohol or drugs to a rehab center is also highly prohibited simply because this won’t speed up the recovery process and may even cause more harm to an addict. Contact us today at 833-820-2922.