Can a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Teach You to Manage Stress?

Checking into rehab is probably the most important step to take if you wish to get clean from a drug or alcohol addiction. Millions of Americans suffer from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both, and getting clean on your own is not necessarily the best route to take. You may be asking yourself a lot of questions concerning the rehab you are about to join. Can a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center teach you to manage stress? Will they have the resources you\’ll need to deal with the stress of life when you are back to your normal daily activity?

The answer is yes. Rehab centers understand that stress can walk hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol use. Read on to learn more about the benefits of rehab when it comes to your mental health.

Understanding Stress and Drug Abuse

Your boss wants to see you in his office. Your mother is in the hospital with a serious disease. Your spouse is angry at you for some unknown reason. If you are like most people, then you find these types of situations stressful. Stress can be a physical or emotional strain that can cause your blood pressure to rise and your heart to beat faster. Your muscles may tense up, and you may even start to breathe heavier and faster. While stress is a normal part of life, some people respond to it differently than others. One way you may be trying to manage your stress is by turning to drugs or alcohol.

For example, who hasn\’t had a drink because \’it\’s been a hard day\” and you need to relax? Some people pop a downer to calm down or use IV drugs to try to relax after a particularly bad day. Unfortunately, constantly using drugs or alcohol as a solution to a stressful situation can lead to addiction.

Managing Stressful Situations

One thing that is important to remember is that you can never be completely stress-free. Stress happens! However, how we manage stress is what is important. For some, managing stress is as simple as taking a hot bath, going for a walk, or playing a video game. For those who seek drugs and alcohol as stress relief, learning how to change your thought process is important.

Once you are enrolled in rehab, your therapist will talk with you about dual diagnosis. Generally, your problems with stress will be addressed separately from your drug or alcohol addiction. You\’ll talk about the reasons you are stressed, how you can prevent these situations from occurring, and what you can do when it happens.

Stress and Rehab

If you are dealing with chronic stress, personal therapy and counseling sessions through our rehab center can help you understand better ways to manage yourself. You\’ll have the chance to sit down one-on-one with your therapist and talk about what is happening in your life. He or she will then provide you with support and ideas on how you can deal with stress in other ways. They will help you understand that you don\’t always have to turn to drugs and alcohol as an outlet.

Group therapy will also help you learn how to manage stress. During group sessions, you will be able to listen and learn how others manage their own stress. You\’ll see that you are not alone in the way you feel, and you will have the chance to discuss your own problems and stressors. Hearing how others in your situation deal with stress can help you manage yours.

You may also have the chance to attend family therapy. If so, this is often crucial for managing stress, since many addicts find the relationships with their family tense. Take the opportunity to talk to your family in a safe, calm setting. Your therapist will help you understand how to talk to your family without getting upset and stressed out.

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