Are Urban Treatment Centers Near Me Better Than Rural Ones?

The search for an addiction treatment center often starts by looking at the ones that are closest to your home. In Ohio, you’ll find a mixture of treatment centers that are scattered throughout the state. You’ll find many that are located in urban areas along with some that are set off in more rural communities. While thinking about the location is important, you want to also keep in mind that what matters the most is the type of support that you get inside of the center. Addiction treatment programs typically offer similar types of services, but they can vary according to their effectiveness.

Essentially, you need to know that you are entering a quality program with a highly trained team that knows how to guide people through the addiction recovery process. Whether you are looking for urban treatment centers near me or a rural one, understanding what a quality rehab program looks like helps you choose the right one for your needs.

As you read about what to look for in a treatment program, you’ll still want to keep the location in mind. Choosing a treatment program that is near you has several benefits such as allowing you to be close enough for family members to visit during your stay. You may also prefer this option if you plan to involve your family in therapy sessions. Urban areas often have more transportation options that can help your family members get to and from the center for counseling. A treatment center in an urban area might have a larger program with more staff members, which opens things up if you have specific needs. However, some people prefer rural centers to gain the sense of getting away from their every day life. This is all a matter of personal preference, and thinking about what you want and need helps you look at each program through a personal lens.

Recognize the Signs of a Quality Treatment Center

A quality treatment program will stand out from the rest as you do your research. It is also important to note that what might work for one person could be different from what helps someone else. Both urban and rural treatment programs should be able to provide answers to questions that help you gauge the effectiveness of their treatment center. Consider asking these questions as you research programs to help identify the right one for you.
•What is your successful treatment rate?
•What type of training and credentials do the members of your team have?
•Does your program treat underlying mental health issues?
•What types of therapy does your treatment center offer?
•What other services and amenities should I know about?

At first, asking questions might feel a little awkward, but you need to know exactly how a treatment center runs their program to make sure it is the best one. Ideally, you should hear realistic success rates. Naturally, having higher rates of success is good, but it is also normal for rehab to have some people who relapse and need to return. Being open to helping people through each stage of their journey is a sign of a good rehab, and quality programs are honest about the importance of after care and follow up treatment as people transition to their new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

You should also hear that the counseling program includes staff members that have all undergone extensive educational and training experiences that helps them guide you through the recovery process using research-driven techniques. Treatment centers that offer multiple forms of therapy are more likely to have what you need to find what works for dealing with triggers and cravings. You might also need to ask about specific forms of therapy if you have a known underlying mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety.

Being in the right environment is essential for making sure that you feel comfortable while you work on challenging issues. If you’ve always lived near bigger urban areas, then going to treatment there will help you feel more at home. Comparing your treatment options is a great start to finding the right place for your recovery, but you may still find yourself searching for answers about what will work best for you to begin healing.

Do you still have questions about the difference between urban and rural treatment centers? Reach out to our counselors at 833-820-2922, and we’ll help you get enrolled in a program near you that fits your needs.