Are There Any Medicines to Quit or Reduce Alcoholism?

Overcoming addiction to alcohol can be a long journey that might, at times, feel impossible. However, it is possible if you are willing to stop and inclined towards getting the necessary support. You can reduce or quit alcoholism no matter how powerless you feel about your situation or no matter how heavy you drink. You do not need to be at your lowest moments to initiate a change. You can begin the change process at any time as long as you are willing and ready.

Most people with problems related to alcoholism do not decide to transform their drinking overnight. Reducing or quitting alcoholism proceeds in small stages. In the early stages, it is vital to overcome denial. It is crucial to admit the existence of your mixed feelings about reducing or quitting alcoholism.

Alcoholism covers emotional and physical dependence that brings the need for professional guidance and intervention. You must seek a reputable treatment program to guide and provide therapeutic services until the recovery process is complete. Whether you want to reduce your alcohol consumption to healthy levels or you want to quit drinking altogether, some guidelines and medicines can help you get started. Some treatment centers give medications to ease the change from alcohol dependency and to ease the desire to drink and the withdrawal symptoms.

Medications to Reduce or Quit Alcoholism

Few people are aware of the availability of medications to treat alcoholism even though they have existed for decades. You might not receive the information about these medications because most manufacturers do not advertise the drugs through mainstream channels. Care doctors also have a tendency not to tell you about the medication. This is because of a lack of knowledge on how to administer the drugs.

Currently, there are medicines to quit or reduce alcoholism that has been approved by the FDA. Each medicine may be used differently in your quest to cut down or eliminate alcoholism from your lifestyle.


Healthcare givers use this medicine to minimize withdrawal symptoms. When you experience withdrawal symptoms, you are likely to experience insomnia, anxiety, or a depressed mood. Acamprosate interacts with messengers in the brain, for example, GABA and glutamate. When you drink heavily for a long time, the two messengers become unbalanced. The medicine levels out the balance and improves your stability. This drug is suitable if you can quit drinking before taking the medication. It is not ideal if you are indisposed to taking pills or if you are unable to adhere to a regular dosing plan.


This medication reduces cravings among individuals seeking treatment for alcoholism. It is more suitable to help you reduce your alcohol consumption than helping you to quit alcoholism. When you take the drug before drinking, the drug makes you feel drunk without pleasure. The idea behind its mechanism is to do away with the rewards you receive when you drink. Given that it eliminates desire, when you stick to the prescription, you are less likely to crave alcohol. The drug can work best if you stop drinking a few days before you begin treatment.

Your healthcare professional can either administer the drug as a pill that you take daily or as an injection every month. The objective varies from patient to patient. Some use the drug to quit drinking while others use it to either abstain for a period or to reduce consumption.


This was the first medicine that was approved by the FDA for use in treating alcoholism. It alters the way your body processes alcohol by making you sick any time you consume alcohol. The resulting sickness prevents your desire to drink. The medication is only effective if you continue taking the drug. Some patients stop taking medicine and resume drinking without feeling sick. However, this is not advisable if you are committed to reduce or quit alcoholism.

If you are highly motivated to stop drinking, the medicine can be very efficient if you continue to take it as directed by the healthcare professional. There might be a need for supervision to ensure the drug is efficient. It uses a negative psychological influence on the use of alcohol and has no direct impact on avoiding retrogress.

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