Are the Treatment Programs at a Men’s Drug Facility Different ?

It’s very important for the adduction treatment community to make sure there are programs available for people from all walks of life. When faced with the challenge of having to deal with an addiction issue, it’s important that addiction sufferers have a safe place to go for treatment.

By safe place, we are referring to a place in which people feel comfortable. Comfort is a big deal when it comes to getting treatment. If clients feel comfortable and safe, they are more likely to open up and deal honestly with their issues. That’s exactly what each and every client has to do if they want recovery bad enough. For some men, getting treatment in a coed treatment center is a bit intimidating. You see, society puts a lot of pressure on men to be strong and in control at all times.

Whether it’s fair or not is irrelevant. People carry a bias that demands nothing less than strength from men. If they end up living in the cycle of addiction, society perceives that to be a sign of weakness. If a man takes that to heart, they might well feel intimidated about trying to get treatment alongside the opposite sex. The solution is very clear. There should be a men’s only treatment program available for men who would feel more comfortable getting treatment in such a program. Fortunately, there are numerous facilities that do provide addiction treatment services for men only.

If you are interested in a men’s only treatment program, you might be wondering to yourself if there are any benefits to you going through such a program as opposed to going through a coed program. In fact, there are a number of ways you might benefit, including:

  • Being able to avoid fraternization with the opposite sex
  • Attending residential treatment in a facility specifically designed for men
  • Being able to avoid scrutiny from the opposite
  • Getting treatment in a program that’s specifically designed for one gender
  • Better opportunity to build friendships for support after rehab

Looking at this list, it raises the question of whether men’s only treatment facilities and programs are different than a standard coed program. Let’s look at this.

Are the Treatment Programs at a Men’s Drug Facility Different?

To be clear, the methods of treatment are always the same no matter what gender is checking into rehab. Everyone goes through individual therapy and most people get a chance to participate in groups. Therefore, it’s fair to say that a men’s addiction treatment program is not different than a cord program. Of course, that’s only in terms of the treatment process. Where things do differ is in the environment itself.

Since a men’s addiction treatment program is restricted to men only, it makes perfect sense that the design of the rehab facility would be more directed towards the male gender. That would include the recreational facilities that would tend to be more male-centric. It’s important to remember that the top priority is to make men feel comfortable enough with the environment that they will respond by being more open during therapy. It’s also the responsibility of the rehab facility’s administrative staff to try to organize events of which men will enjoy being part.

It’s a success story if men are able to deal with each other without having to face any kind of residual judgments. After all, the men who reside together in a men’s only rehab are basically in the same boat. They are paddling for their lives, and it makes it easier if everyone is paddling together. Finally, there might be one more area where men get different treatment than they would in a coed program.

The tone of treatment might be different. Since men tend to be less sensitive than women, the rehab facility’s staff might deal with them in a more direct manner. That should not raise any issues because most men do prefer a direct approach. If you are a man looking for help, you have a right to find help in a rehab that suits you. If a men’s only rehab would make you feel more comfortable about getting treatment, that is where you belong. As a progressive rehab facility, we do offer services for men only. If you would like to hear more about what we have to offer, please contact us as soon as possible. You can reach out to one of our staff members by calling 833-820-2922.