5 Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Rehab Center in Ohio

Ohio is one of the states known for having some of the top rehab centers in the country. As a result, if you have been battling drug or alcohol substance use disorder and have come to the realization that you need treatment, you might want to consider getting help there. There are different facilities that offer programs tailored to your needs based on a variety of factors, including the severity of your addiction, your overall health and whether you have a co-occurring disorder.

While searching for the right facility in Ohio to get your treatment, you might wonder where to start. It’s important to explore a few different options and have your questions answered. There are also five key things you should consider when looking for a rehab treatment facility in Ohio.

Are the Treatment Programs Accredited?

Many addiction treatment facilities in Ohio and other states must become accredited and meet license requirements. Those that have accreditation are fully evaluated by third-party organizations, which show that they are legitimate facilities that meet the needs of individuals struggling with substance use disorder. If a facility has been approved by the Joint Commission Accreditation for Addiction Treatment (JCAHO) or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF), you can take comfort that these places are held to the highest standards and provide quality care.

These rehab facilities also offer high safety standards, are sensitive to different demographics, have trained staff on hand and are HIPAA compliant. Accredited centers are also open to and encourage feedback from those seeking help and take it seriously. These are high-quality rehab treatment facilities that offer the best settings and overall value.

Do Staff Members Have the Right Credentials?

When choosing an Ohio rehab treatment facility, you will want to ensure that the staff members have the appropriate level of training. Staff should have higher education or even hold national certifications because those who fall under such categories are more likely to practice based on clinical evidence.

Most rehab facilities will display their staff members’ credentials, so it should be easy to see whether any professionals in-house hold the right certifications. Therapists, in particular, are very important and should be certified and have the right level of experience and expertise to offer anyone who steps through the center’s doors to undergo substance use disorder treatment.

Are Treatment Plans Tailored to Each Individual?

You will want to know if any Ohio rehab facilities you’re considering offer treatment plans that are tailored to your personal needs. What works for you might not work for the next person based on your own situation, so you will want to look elsewhere if a center offers a one size fits all treatment program.

The most effective substance use disorder treatment programs are those that are tailored to fit the needs of each person. There are a variety of factors taken into consideration when a program is created to help you overcome your addiction: your age, gender, culture, substance you have abused, how much of it you’ve used, your overall health and whether you have any co-occurring mental health disorders. For example, many people who turn to alcohol or drugs often do so to self-medicate to alleviate the symptoms of a mental health condition.

Some people may also need medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as part of their program. This depends on your addiction and other factors.

Is There Immediate Access to Medical Care?

Undergoing treatment for substance use disorder is never easy. It’s probable that you will hit a few snags after detox such as uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. During that time, you will want to have quick access to medical personnel to assist you in any way possible. Medical intervention can only be immediate if there is qualified staff at the facility. This is an important consideration for selecting a rehab center in Ohio. Those with doctors and nurses in-house can ease your mind and help you when you need them.

Are There Options for Aftercare Planning?

You will want to check whether rehab facilities offer plans for aftercare. Your treatment program may be 30, 60 or 90 days, but once that’s complete, you don’t just stop with your treatment. This is where aftercare comes in. It helps you to continue on your newfound sobriety, reintegrate into society and avoid a relapse. The best facilities offer continued individual, group or cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, ongoing outpatient treatment and sober living options.

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