What Makes a Good Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

All drug and alcohol treatment centers are different so what makes one ideal for one individual could be a poor choice for another. Every center has different specialties and programs just like every addict has different circumstances and addictions. With over 14,5000 licensed drug and alcohol treatment center locations in the United States, there is a top-rated site to fit your needs. Since you need to find a center that meets your specific requirements, it is crucial to discuss treatment options with a dedicated provider who can find the best option to meet your needs. However, you must also be educated on the characteristics of a top treatment center so that the right questions are asked, and you can correctly investigate the options.

Accredited and Dedicated Staff

Of course, the makings of any top-notch program are based on the accreditation and dedication of its staff. These are the people you will be interacting with daily during treatment. They will be guiding you on your sobriety journey. The best method of determining the quality of the staff is to request their accreditation. Common questions include:Are all staff registered nurses?How many physicians are staffed?How involved are the physicians during treatment?Just because a staff member holds an accreditation does not guarantee quality, but it is a fantastic indicator.

An Emphasis on Root-Cause Issues

Those who suffer from addiction have other underlying issues, especially regarding mental health. If these issues are not tackled during treatment, then they will be a problem during recovery which could lead to a relapse. Top-notch facilities put a major emphasis on treating root-cause issues to ensure immediate and future success.

Evidence-Based Curriculums

With thousands of treatment approaches available, many are not scientifically- or medically-based. The result is a lower rate of success. Therefore, when reviewing different drug and alcohol treatment center locations, it is important to review the programs and ask about the basis. Evidence-based curriculums are those that have been developed using the latest medical and scientific addition and treatment theories. These are commonly mixed with traditional methods like acupuncture and yoga which boast a high level of success. The best rehabilitation locations are regularly observing the latest research and building it into their programs.


In the same manner that addiction impacts more than just the addict, so does rehabilitation. Families are an essential part of the sobriety process since they will help you daily. The main motivation to attend treatment for most addicts is to eliminate the harm they cause their family and friends. For this reason, the best treatment centers always include family members as part of the recovery process.

Professional Guidance

Having a top-notch leadership team is required to successfully operate an exceptional drug and alcohol treatment center. It is crucial for management to understand all aspects of addiction and the recovery process and that the programs are based on scientific and medical concepts. This improves the likelihood of their patient’s acquiring and maintaining sobriety while being safe during detox. Many treatment experts recommend that seekers only opt for facilities led by a leader with a doctorate or master’s degree at the minimum.

Vocational Support

Many experts feel vocational support is one of the greatest factors in maintaining sobriety. It helps the career situation for recovering addicts since those who have jobs that require a routine are likelier to maintain their sobriety. Jobs deliver purpose and a reason to avoid continued substance abuse while preventing downtime and boredom. Furthermore, jobs provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The highest-rated treatment centers give current and former patients vocational support including training on how to find and acquire a job, maintain and advance within a job, and overall job training.

One-on-One Therapies

There are a variety of therapy techniques with some being more effective for specific individuals than others. For many patients, the best route to recovery is several therapy types to confront different issues from different angles. Most centers provide group therapy sessions that have proven to be valuable assets. However, it is also important to engage in one-on-one discussions with a therapist. This allows for individual treatment and the chance for patients to express memories and emotions they may be uncomfortable doing during group therapy.

The steps to recovery take work, discipline, time, and proper support. Finding the best drug and alcohol treatment center requires research and understanding of what to look for and what questions to ask. Now that you have a background on the best traits of an excellent facility, your journal to recovery can begin. For more information on our therapy methods, staff, and center, call us today at 833-820-2922. Our counselors are available to talk 24-hours per day!