What Gender-Specific Options Are Available In Ohio?

We understand that everyone’s recovery program needs are different. Therefore, the standard traditional setting may not be the right fit for every client. Today, Ohio drug and alcohol treatment centers offer a variety of recovery options, including programs for those who prefer a single-specific setting.

Our recovery counselors prioritize the client’s specific treatment needs in determining which program may provide the most compatible supportive environment. There are pros and cons to both coed and single-gender treatment centers. The decision is most often up to the client. Nevertheless, there are some instances in which a caseworker or other professional may specifically recommend a single-gender treatment center for a specific client.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coed and Single-Gender Treatment Centers

Many treatment centers are coed. These centers treat both men and women in a communal setting. Members of both genders participate together in group therapy and planned social activities. They may have meals in the same spaces. During individual counseling sessions, clients may be assigned a therapist of the opposite gender. The advantages of receiving treatment at a coed Ohio rehab center include:

  • Experiencing diverse perspectives
  • Receiving treatment in an environment that is similar to real-world settings
  • Building connections with men and women

For some clients, the cons of enrolling in a coed treatment center outweigh the pros. Clients who are better candidates for single-gender settings may prefer to receive treatment with members of their own gender due to trauma. Receiving treatment in a coed setting can also expose program participants to gender-based distractions.

Some clients have topics they need to discuss but are uncomfortable sharing their perspectives in front of members of the opposite gender. Others may be more prone to becoming distracted by the possibility of developing a romantic or sexual relationship with a member of the opposite gender. The reasons to choose a same-gender rehab center are numerous. Treatment counselors offer an outside perspective that can be helpful in deciding which setting is right for you or your loved one.

Single-Gender Rehab Options in Ohio

Those who are likely to have better results in a single-gender environment have options. From inpatient residential programs to outpatient treatment and everything in between, Ohio rehab centers offer single-gender program participants virtually the same options that are available to those who enrolled in a coed program. Single-gender rehabs also offer a range of social and extracurricular activities like exercise classes, nutrition counseling, excursions, and workshops to enrich clients while receiving treatment.

Inpatient Treatment at Gender-Specific Ohio Rehab Centers

Residential or inpatient treatment is a type of program that requires participants to reside at a treatment center for several weeks to several months. The duration depends on the nature of the client’s addiction. During residential treatment, clients eat, sleep, and participate in individual therapy and group therapy sessions at the treatment center. The rehab center may also offer group outings or invite participants’ family members to the center for family counseling. Depending on the treatment center, all staff members, counselors, and clinicians may be of the same gender as the program participants.

Outpatient and Hybrid Services at Ohio Gender-Specific Rehab Centers

In some cases, a client may require outpatient or hybrid services. Patients who are new to rehab may be referred to outpatient service if there is a significant reason that prevents the individual from being able to sleep on campus. Program participants also graduate into outpatient treatment when they successfully complete a residential treatment program. Hybrid programs allow participants to receive treatment all day and into the evening.

At the end of the day’s program activities, the client returns home only to sleep and commute back to the treatment center very early the next morning. Prior to enrolling in a program, prospective clients speak with intake specialists and counselors to determine which program is likely to be the best fit for the individual. Contact us to speak with our treatment specialists and learn more about gender-specific rehab options in Ohio. Our experienced counselors are qualified to answer all your questions and to set you up for success by helping you choose the best setting. We will walk hand-in-hand with you as you begin the recovery process. Call us at 833-820-2922.