Ohio Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

Are you an alcohol or drug addict? Well, Ohio Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center will come to your rescue. Besides diagnosis, the Rehab Center will also formulate an effective and personalized treatment plan to help you manage your addiction. Depending on the symptoms you’re experiencing, the addiction can be mild or severe. At the drug rehab center the care you receive will depend on the severity of your symptoms. Some people will experience withdrawal symptoms when they fail to drink. In such cases, the effects experienced can be dangerous and uncomfortable, and this is where detox comes in.

What Does the Ohio Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Have to Offer?

At the Ohio Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center, you’ll receive detox. However, you should keep in mind that detox is not a treatment option. It’s one of the steps you’ll undertake to overcome your addiction.

Do You Need to Undergo Detox?

If you want your body to feel better, you need professional help. Undergoing detox is about willpower and quitting alcohol and other drugs without seeking medical assistance. In some instances, the withdrawal can prove to be hazardous, and your life will be at risk regardless of the severity of your addiction. A program that offers the guidance you need as you undergo withdrawal is essential. You’ll also receive medication that can ease the symptoms you’re experiencing. If you have any mental health conditions, you’ll also receive the necessary treatment. If you get the right assistance, you’ll successfully complete the detox program. However, you should also expect withdrawal symptoms to end a week or more.

What Will Happen During Detox?

During the detox program, you’ll expect the following: • There is an intake exam that helps to gauge the type of support that you’ll need. Blood work will be carried out. You can also talk about your drug and substance abuse history with the medics; other tests will also be conducted to check on your mental and physical health. • You’ll receive treatment and learn how you can overcome your addiction. • You’ll receive support for different issues that can come up when you experience withdrawal symptoms; some of the issues you might experience include increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Types of Programs Offered

The programs offered at the Ohio alcohol and drug rehab center include:

Outpatient- you receive treatment during the day, and you’ll be residing at home. You’ll be visiting the health care professionals regularly for checkups, and you’ll also get some medicine to help with the withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient- you’ll be residing in a hospital, and the medical professionals will take care of your round the clock. Inpatient offers more services than outpatient. However, you’ll pay more.

Outpatient is the less-expensive option, and it is effective and safe for people whose addiction is moderate or mild. If your mental and physical health is good, you can opt for the outpatient program. The rehab programs offer different services such as counseling and medical care. You’ll get to learn different life skills, and you’ll receive some assistance on how you can avoid a relapse.

For those who pose no harm to others, staying sober even after going home is possible. In this case, day treatment is applicable, and you’ll be visiting a clinic for five days weekly. The outpatient treatment can be intensive, involving regular visits to the alcohol and drug rehab center. All this can happen after detox and partial hospitalization.

How Do You Choose a Program?

First, gauge all your needs. For instance, you may have a mental or physical health condition and need some assistance with such issues. If you lack a support network, the inpatient program is advisable. Afterward, you can look at the cost and quality of services being offered. Ensure the program you opt for is licensed and affordable. The staff should also be well trained.


After getting back to your usual way of life, you might relapse and again engage in drug and substance abuse. So, you’ll need follow-up care. You can opt for group counseling or private therapy. If you’re dealing with alcohol and drug abuse and you’re ready to quit, contact us today at 833-820-2922, and our team will offer you the assistance you need.