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Why You Should Stay At A Sober Living Facility During Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab offers comprehensive and ongoing support for anyone who’s successfully completed detox, but who’s either unable or unwilling to enter into a long-term, inpatient treatment facility. With outpatient treatment, it’s possible for recovering addicts to engage in the group and individual therapies that are important for learning healthy coping strategies, and gaining other tools for maintaining sobriety long-term. Sadly, however, absent of stable and completely drug and alcohol-free living environments, many people who participate in outpatient treatment are at an incredibly high risk of relapse. For this and many other reasons, sober living facilities can be the perfect, supportive environments for sustaining abstinence throughout treatment and beyond.

Sober living houses are transitional facilities that offer structured living environments, security, and ample access to important resources for those seeking to rebuilt their lives while making abstinence their top priority. One of the biggest stumbling-blocks for anyone who’s successfully detoxed from drugs or alcohol is the return to toxic living environments, toxic relationships, or the many other stressors and triggers that formerly kept them trapped in the vicious cycle of substance abuse. When staying in sober living facilities, residents enjoy a perfectly balanced blend of independence, personal responsibility, accountability, and direction. Beyond providing you with a comfortable and supportive place to live following your detox, a sober living house and the professionals who staff it can additionally assist you in long-term planning, the identification of essential resources, and in gaining access to any necessary, supplementary forms of treatment.

Discover The Benefits Of Staying In A Sober Living House After Detox

The freedom and independence of outpatient rehab appeals to people for a vast number of reasons. As opposed to completing treatment on-campus, participants can continue working their jobs, spend time with their friends and families, complete career training or other forms of higher education, and engage in other activities that support their life goals. While this freedom can certainly be beneficial, it also opens the door to temptation. This is all the more true when people are easily able to enter familiar neighborhoods and establishments in which access to drugs or alcohol is high. Thus, the primary benefit of staying in a sober living house during an outpatient treatment program is the greater structure and far higher levels of accountability that these living arrangements entail. All residents in a sober living home must agree to remain drug or alcohol-free throughout the duration of their stays. Failure to do so can result in immediate removal from the home or other serious penalties.

There is also a tremendous sense of camaraderie among those who stay in sober living facilities. After all, many of these individuals possess the same goals and are facing the very same challenges. As such, there is never a lack of companionship and support. When dealing with cravings, temptations, triggers, or other challenges, residents can always turn to one another for encouragement and motivation. Group meetings and group counseling sessions are often held in these environments so that residents can discuss these and other challenges together, get updates on newly available resources, offer tips for overcoming specific obstacles, and share coping strategies among other things. Much like inpatient treatment programs, sober living houses give recovering addicts a vital sense of community.

Although residents are largely self-managed, onsite professionals are always available to offer guidance and additional support when needed. Case workers can assist each resident in preparing for eventual reentry into the outside world by helping draft feasible, achievable goals for both the short and long-term. This can include identifying and acquiring transportation support, facilitating enrollment in work or career training programs, identifying sustainable options in long-term housing, and dealing with addiction-related legal issues. In short, residents of sober living homes do not have to navigating the often overwhelming process of rebuilding their lives on their own.

For those choosing outpatient rehab, sober living facilities can be incredibly effective in mitigating the risk of relapse. These homes provide ongoing support and the benefit of healthy, meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals. Those living in sober houses can start the process of building important life skills, finding essential resources, and setting sustainable goals. Best of all, in addition to keeping their recoveries on track, residents can also enjoy ample amounts of independence and freedom. With adequate structure and reasonable rules and guidelines, a sober living home can perfectly complement all other outpatient services being received. If you’re ready to get on the path to lifelong sobriety and want to bolster your outpatient treatment plans by finding the right sober living home, we can help. Call us today!


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction. Every person is unique and deserves the proper placement in the right program to best avoid potential relapse. Our “Phase Back to Life” outpatient programs combine the love, care, compassion and structure of a traditional rehabilitation center – along with a real life recovery program. We know you just want your loved one back and some peace of mind. That’s exactly how we designed our program. Call us today to learn more.

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