Can My Family Visit?

Residential rehab centers in the United States can be very restrictive, often prohibiting people from entering a facility even if they are family members. Many Rehabs go as far as forbidding contact with family members outside of the facility. There are many ways that this policy prevents families from having contact with their loved ones while in rehab.

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and need to go to a residential rehab center, consider contacting them before you go to find out if family contact is permitted. There are many reasons that rehab centers do not allow family members to visit while a person is in treatment. The most common reason family members are prohibited from visiting is that they can take away a person’s motivation for sobriety. These are some reasons why your family may not visit you in rehab.

Their Presence Can Be A Distraction

Many individuals in a rehabilitation program are there because they have struggled with addiction for many years, and their lives were chaotic. Going to rehab is a way for them to get back on track and clean up their act. For people who have been using drugs or alcohol for a long time, their whole world revolves around the substances they use. Having family members around when you try to quit can be a massive distraction from staying sober. The temptation of seeing your loved ones can cause people to give in and ruin weeks or months of sobriety.

Their Presence Can Be A Negative Influence

Just because a person goes to rehab does not mean they are cured immediately. Rehab is not a magical cure that will work overnight. It takes time for an individual who has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a long time to get back on track. Going to rehab is just the beginning of a long and challenging process. If a person has friends or family members who continue to use, it can be very tempting for them to use again. Having sober people around you who are your family will help you avoid temptation.

It Can Be Too Difficult For Family Members To Watch

Rehab is a challenging time for people. They are forced to take care of themselves and not go to the same old places they used to go. Some addiction centers do not allow family members to visit because they do not want them around while the person is detoxing or recovering from withdrawal symptoms. Family members can also suffer from withdrawal symptoms. It can be challenging for even sober people to watch their loved ones go through this awful experience if they have been using drugs and alcohol for a long time.

Family Members Can Be Abusive To The Person In Rehab

Many people using drugs or alcohol abuse their families, and some even steal from or hurt them. People in the recovery process are often very fragile, and family members can be very destructive during this time. Some facilities do not allow family members to visit to avoid problems between a person in rehab and their family members.

Financial Difficulties

Addiction is a costly disease which is punished through the justice system. Instead of going to jail, an individual might go to rehab for their addiction. Many people who go to recovery will be charged a fee that can be very expensive. If a person cannot pay for this treatment, they may lose contact with their family members until they can come up with the money. Some family members will not visit because they do not want to be reminded of the financial burden that their loved one has created.

They Are Too Far Away

Family members who live far away from a facility may decide that it is not worth the time and effort to see their loved ones in rehab because they have no means of transportation there. Many addiction centers will only allow visitors who can travel there by car, which makes it hard for those who live in large cities where public transportation or taxis are hard to find. In conclusion, there are many reasons that family members may not be allowed to visit an individual during their stay in a residential rehab center.

The best way to find out if your family members will be allowed to visit during your recovery process is to contact the rehab center before you go in for treatment. To get help finding a rehab center near you, call 833-820-2922.